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The Colors Of Thailand

A Photo Essay

Thailand’s flag encodes the history of the country through its colours: red symbolizes blood shed for the nation, white represents purity of religion, and blue stands for honour for the royal family from the dynasty of Chakri.

My photographic project was about reinterpreting these elements and representing them with cultural and environmental details, including gastronomy. My journey and experience with this rich and diverse cuisine took place at home— from my small kitchen, to the photographic studio that I have recently set up in my room. I immersed myself in the discovery of the different traditions and symbols of the country.


The decision to cook Pad Thai was due to its popularity and direct reference with this country’s identity, which is also the reason why this street food is appreciated all over the world. The choice to include a green curry (gaeng keow wan) with prawns was the result of a feeling of harmony, in front of its colours and flavours, that guided me in bringing a more experimental touch to this recipe.


The ground fish (pla bon) is an ancient snack that goes back to the 17th century, at the time of King Narai the Great, invented by the ladies of the court, while experimenting in the kitchen.




About the author

Andrea Bianchi

He is from Alassio, Italy. Photography is his biggest passion and so far, he's expressed it through social media. During his studies at The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, he became familiar with food photography, styling and storytelling. He has certifications in studio-lighting techniques and advanced photo-editing.