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Japan in 120 film

Analog Portraits of Food Producers

In May 2017, I travelled to Japan as part of my Master of Gastronomy course visiting producers, farmers and people working with food around the Noto Peninsula and the city of Tsuruoka.


This collection of portraits, shot on roll film and using a Mamiya C330 medium format camera, shows some of the places we visited and things we saw, including: a master salt boiler waiting for the water to evaporate, a rice farmer above his fields, and a woman foraging for mountain vegetables.


Overall, I hope the stillness that’s displayed in the pictures, with the use of an old analogue camera, reflects some of the seriousness the portrayed displayed in their various professions.  


Above photo: Rice farmer.

Above photo: Rice fields.

Above photo: Isamu Sato, fisherman.

Above photo: Tea ceremony.

Above photo.  Man on right side: Toshiya Igarashi.

Above photo: Yukiko Tsuruno from Taniizumi Sake brewery.

© Last photo is credited to Mattia Gianfranco Marino.

About the author

Jack Martin

He's a chef and researcher based in Amsterdam and an alum of The University of Gastronomic Sciences, where he earned a Masters degree in Gastronomy: Food in the World. Previously, Jack studied and worked in documentary photography, fine art and international development.

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