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At Work

We often find ourselves taking breaks at work, stopping for a snack, or meeting with a client. During these moments, it has become customary to drink coffee, so much so that they are now commonly referred to as ‘coffee breaks’: relaxing moments powered by caffeine. However, culturally, coffee is by far not the only beverage consumed in many countries. Oftentimes, tea and infusions are even ranking higher in people’s preferences. 


So, how about an unusual alternative to the ‘coffee break’? It might not have the same ring to it, but discovering the power of ‘herbal tea breaks’ can improve your daily well-being by combining aromas, flavors and benefits with the perfect situation: 





Stressed out?

Plants can have calming or soothing properties, so they can be a great choice when you feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Peace and tranquillity are only a sip away with a mixture of sweet orange, asperula, lemon balm, chamomile, marsh mallow, passiflora, silver lime, hawthorn and valerian. 

Wilden Herbals’ Remedium n.1 – Night


Need a Mood Booster?

Plants can have over a thousand properties, among these being their ability to release serotonin, useful for when you are looking for a bit of happiness on a tough day. For an office that exudes high spirits choose a blend of cocoa, red poppy, Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, honeybush, cinnamon, rooibos.

Wilden Herbals’ Remedium n.0 – Morning




A. D. V. E. R. T. I. S. I. N. G.

Time to Focus!

Our concentration levels might not always be high, but the right tools and plants can definitely help. To find the necessary focus try verbena, basil, centella asiatica, ginkgo, Moldavian dragonhead, peppermint, rhodiola rosea, rosemary.

Wilden Herbals’ Remedium n.5 – Focus

Getting to know plants means listening to yourself and your body. Finding an alternative to coffee can, therefore, feel like discovering a new horizon of well-being and balance, far away from the negative effects extensive caffeine consumption can have. Having said that, we don’t have to give up the traditional ‘coffee break’; we just have to be open to rethink it and add some healthier alternatives for our body, mind, and stomach




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About the author

Nicola Robecchi

A gastronome, cultural explorer and entrepreneur, Nicola has managed to blend passion and education over the years. After his bachelor’s degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, he immediately became a great supporter of an alternative system of distribution and use of food, not only as a mere element of consumption but as an integral part of an essential production chain. Nicola loves to work closely with small local producers and realities of love and research. After founding WDT Agency, a consulting agency specializing in gastronomic design, Nicola started a new adventure with Wilden.herbals in 2018. Wilden.herbals wants to rediscover the slowness and the small things, proposing ancient remedies with a contemporary twist. Impacting the food system, a herbal tea at the time.