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Freaky Pairings Episode III: The Croissant that goes Grunge on You

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a classic croissant; a buttery, flaky, golden and well-laminated one? This – of course – is a rhetorical question. Normally, bakers will push the limits of a croissant’s flavour by using partial or total sourdough based fermentation and by adding salty ingredients to the dough or the laminated butter.


In this case, I prefer to use a classic one and enhance it with a filling. A combination that, on some level, reminds me of the grunge band Dinosaur Junior!


Inside you will find a rocking gritty contrast between the butter aroma and smooth texture of the croissant and a none-pasteurised, medium-hard sheep cheese; potent, roaring and with a gentle animal aftertaste, the combination of notes lingers on your palate. To add a third layer of texture and taste, simply spoon a homemade chipotle and onion marmalade with a final touch of fresh thyme on the cheese. If it sounds freaky, you are doing it right – it will taste amazing!


To further expand this grunge dimension, the croissant panino is best paired with a 24-hour cold-infused coffee cáscara, served with equal parts tonic water. The result? A crisp beverage that has an ethereal, yet present, hibiscus-flavoured round acidity, contained by the bitterness of tonic water.


The New Gastronome’s favourite croissant formula


100% Flour

52% Water

2.3 % Salt

2.5% Yeast

11% Sugar

5% Milk Powder

1% Malt Extract

3% Butter

40% Sourdough Starter with 50% hydration


For lamination: 

25% of the dough’s final weight in Butter


Check out this video as well!

Photos @Aarón Gómez Figueroa

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