The New Gastronome

This is Puglia

An Instagram Photo Journey

This collection of photos from Puglia documents markets, ateliers, tabletops and alleyways through close crops with an interest in light and minimalism. I find that highlighting this through composition brings a new perspective to the object.


The pictures you see on the following pages, are a result of a series of trips down South for my food tourism company, Heirloom Gastronomy, a business born out of the love for sharing a meal with a deeper understanding of its roots and a respect for the farmers, food artisans and winemakers who created it. Collaborating with these partners gives highlight to the local culture practices and a sense of place through the cuisine. A rich food history, I like to share with others through my company and my pictures.


In taking photos, I have a particular fascination with form, whether it be architectural or organic. Ultimately, I am capturing visual moments that are beautiful to me. Many of these are subtle or mundane, like a dish of cat food left in an alleyway or peeling plaster walls.










About the author

Anne Elisabeth McKay

She is a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Annie has degrees in art, anthropology and a Master of Gastronomy from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, Italy. She has spent eight years as an organic farmer and food educator in both the field and the kitchen and she now runs a boutique food tourism company, Heirloom Gastronomy.